We often get inquiries on how Effy is doing, Since we’ve had a big change, I wanted to give a more public update.

We had a couple who waited almost a year on our waitlist for the right puppy. They’d had a poodle in the past and knew only a standard would do. The husband has Multiple Sclerosis, so we needed a certain temperament. One who was calm, perceptive, confident, etc. In the future, capable of both walking slow with him and briskly with her. Matching temperaments to families is always our priority.

We decided on Ringo from our 9/11 litter. But a little puppy was too much for their situation and Ringo went to another family in Kansas. We decided that only an older dog would work for them.

It weighed on my heart for months— I had all these dogs and Dawn was in need. Effy was there for me after my wreck that crushed my pelvis, put me in a wheelchair, and where I had to learn to walk again. She helped me get the confidence to go out when I was still wobbly and scared. She was there for me when I moved down to manage the ranch and was my only companion for years. But most of all, I understood the drain and loneliness of caregiver fatigue. How much you need a friend who comforts your soul and renews your energy.

So we trained retrieving a cane (5 mins) and called Dawn. Effy is more like a person than a dog. She just gets it and is perfect in any setting or situation. We drove to Austin and did a one-on-one walk through in their home of all her commands and tricks.

Leaving her was so hard. It’s been two months and I still can’t help but cry whenever I think of her. She was my best friend for 7 years but sometimes friends have a new chapter in their lives.

Things are going great for them in Austin. The no dogs on the bed rule was out the window immediately. Effy is able to walk with Loren which is therapeutic getting him out of the house and trying. (Though they did have to work on ignoring the squirrels). Dawn works from home and gets to take breaks walking Effy. And since Dawn’s elderly mother lives next door, Effy gets 2 back yards and more opportunities for treats. That’s my girl.

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