RBR’s Dazzling Remington TKA or as Grady calls her “horse dog.” Standing at 26″ and 60lbs, She’s our largest and has the largest personality. She’s matured into a fine lady but hasn’t lost her rock star mohawk. Remi is our best hunter and focusing a little more on nosework this year. She also loves showing off her advanced trick title for visitors and is working on performer level! Analytical, wonderful drive, both fierce & sweet, unwavering confidence, and so intiuitive– she’s usually one step ahead!

OFA Health Information CHIC #150718

Remi_Genetic Health Certificate


Best Story: That time Remi and Brie ran off. 48 hours later, they walked into a bar and just laid down by the dart boards….6 miles south of home.

Fav Activity: using her mohawk to block the tv

Best at: getting attention